Journal Entry #2

In this business U-course, we learn different methods on how to use Excel. So far Excel looks very stressful and a pain to use, but it is a lot easier than having to actually write out a spreadsheet. I found it very useful on how you can calculate your math on the spreadsheet without having to depend on a calculator. I will have to admit that this is my favorite feature of Excel. My least favorite thing about Excel is the undo button. When you exit out of an equation or start on another part of the spreadsheet, you realize you made a mistake in the first box, and you can’t undo your mistakes. Pretty much Excel is very efficient and helpful. I recommend this to everyone especially business owners, real estate, students, and mostly accountants. 

In class the professor Curt Deberg, assigned three videos of him explaining how Rachel used Excel to create personal financial statements and business financial statements. It was somewhat helpful, but I preferred the way he taught it in class today. The way he taught it in class made way more sense and it was more hands on then the video was. That is my personal opinion.