Journal Entry #1

Since this is my first journal entry I am going to explain what my favorite things about this course and what would I change.

During this U-Course there were three things I favorited the most so far this spring semester. I really enjoyed the fact that the professors actually take the time to make video blogs showing examples for Excel. I find this very helpful when trying to finish Excel assignments that are usually due Saturdays at 6pm. This course is very useful when they have a preparation sheet on the Blackboard account. This is actually very helpful when preparing for what we are doing the next class session. Also, we have these check-in and check-out quizzes which the answers are mostly from what they put on the preparation page.  Lastly, I really enjoy the way we can interact with our group and be able to finish most of the group work in class. This helps us be able to finish ,or at least have an idea of what we have to do before it is due the next day. 

If I was able to change anything about this course then, I would change the way a student is absent from a group they don’t get the same amount of credit as everyone else does. Students who decide to take an absent with no excuse shouldn’t get the grade for the group projects. Personally, so far this class is going great and that is the one flaw I find in this class.